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MathTech360 was founded by Dr. Donna Comrie (1976-2018), a passionate and dedicated educator who positively  impacted the lives of child and adult learners in South Florida, Philadelphia, and beyond. She was a tremendous advocate for social justice and empowered, encouraged, mentored, and guided many.


Together with a team of esteemed educators, social activists, business developers, and computer programmers, Dr. Donna Comrie developed a standards based mathematics framework based on best practices in blended learning. Unfortunately, just as MathTech360 was taking off, garnering entrepreneurial start-up grants and awards, and preparing to launch a pilot program in Broward County Public Schools, Dr. Donna Comrie tragically passed away from cancer at only 42 years of age. Her family entrusted the legacy and ownership of MathTech 360 to Dr. Comrie's friend, colleague, and fellow academic, Dr. Agatha Caraballo, an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at Florida International University. 



Rasheem Fields

IT Specialist

* PC Systems Networking Tech

* Systems Administrator

* US Veteran

Donna Comrie, PhD

Founder (Deceased)

  • Educational Consultant 

  • Visiting Postdoctoral Associate

  • Adjunct Professor of Public Policy and Administration 

  • Former School Principal

Agatha Caraballo, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

  • Associate Teaching Professor and Assistant Chair of the Department of Public Policy and Administration at Florida International University 

  • University Program Director

  • Curriculum Development and Training

  • Accreditation Assessment


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