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Prep: Log in using your username and password.

Step 1: Read the Daily Standard. The standard indicates the skill set you will acquire for the lesson. 

Step 2: Take the 8 question Pre-Test. Do your best as lessons are created based on your pre-test score. Once you complete the assessment, your score will be revealed.

Step 3: Review the Vocabulary related to the daily standard. Reading and understanding the vocabulary words will boost your  skill set development. 

Step 4: Lesson Time! Read the lesson, take notes, follow the examples. Once you have a firm understanding of the topic, try the practice questions. This section is not graded. Simply do your best.

The V.A.R.K. Approach: Video, Audio, Real World Connection & Kinesthetic Activity    

Step 5: Watch a Video that explains the daily skill. Khan Academy offers a step by step guide for understanding the lesson of the day. Take Notes!

Step 6: Explore Real World Connections. Many students ask, “Why do we need to learn math? When will we ever use it?" Each daily lesson is connected with a career path. Take notes and explain how the daily lesson is connected to the real world. 

Step 7: Kinesthetic Activity. Play a game, complete a hands-on activity or find a partner to complete the task. Each exercise will help you not only remember the daily skill but also reinforce and raise your comprehension levels. 


Assessment : Once you have completed all tasks, it’s time to evaluate performance!    

Step 8: Complete the Post Test consisting of 10 questions where you fill in the blank.  Good Luck! Reminder: If you don’t feel ready to take the test, review steps 1-7. 

Step 9: Write a short Essay Response to the open ended question. It’s important that you detail your math knowledge. Respond using complete sentences and include correct grammar and punctuation.

                                                                       Reflection                                                               Step 10: Now that you have completed a lesson, complete the Reflection page. How did you feel about your performance in each step of the lesson? Place visuals to illustrate your level of self-satisfaction with each section. The markers will serve as study guides for nightly review.

 The Ten- Step Math Matrix






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